Hello Kitty – A Story Book Adventure

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rhian faith dela cruz says:

I think im back in my 5 years old its help me to remember when im 5

Isaac Mesquita says:

Don't Tara Strong Voices Them?

Angel Charles says:

I love this episode

red yoshi 2016 says:

Is this an anime

•Inka• says:

I remember when i was younger and watched this was so scary😨

Catherine Gibbs says:

this will always be so cute

i love Hello Kitty ^^

always have

this is one of my favorite episodes
to this dvd ^^

Olivia Bullock says:

this one scared me so much as a kid lol

Coca Cola says:

The nostalgia :O

Smile Shamial says:

I watched this when i was 7 and know im am 12 so when I look at it know it makes me happy

Oumie Touray says:

I like hello kitty is for kids

RCLeahcar says:

This was my first ever YouTube video.

Tyanna Hatton says:


juan boada says:

guys and girls theirs a Legend of hello Kitty.

Cat A says:

Why can't you see it now when you are big i'm 12 why did you saw it when you was little?

Denise Armstrong says:

I remember watching this on dvd when I was 6 or 5 not that long ago but I'm not eat young though but I love hello kitty

Wendy Pearman says:

I was scared of that woman

Toxic Waste says:

Lol I remember watching this as a kid

josey428 says:


ly Nguyễn says:

you don robot cvbnkmjkcg

Kendra Haskin says:

this is related to hansel and gretel

Rubymol Arun says:

I like hello kitty 😊 🐈💐

Hana Nourin says:

hello kitty like

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