Minecraft | THE BOOK OF MISCHIEF!! | Custom Mod Adventure

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Today, I happen to stumble across an extremely powerful book called the Book of Mischief! I have no idea where it came from, but it has a very special set of rules where I can make ANYONE do ANYTHING!!

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TheFightKids says:

Death note parody -Ennard

Aaliyan Khan says:

Mischief Managed.

Awesomej05 says:

Who knew Dr. T was so good at dancing

Bobbie Amore says:

I wish Craig had a girlfriend named….

Camila the music maker!

Fancy Duck says:

Instead of mischief has been made it should have been mischief managed

ItzJxlianne says:

I hope dan brings back these kind of videos

Cool Cool says:

Dan that was alarious

Funtime Foxy Playz Minecraft says:

art is sometimes fart but if your hard your score is done lol what the heck did i just say? xD

JuicyJason says:


Pigster says:


m.r robo craft-mcpe says:

yeah make a video make a video!!! on how to make a cape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horalia Sanchez says:

Victorianism visited goofing HIFK he for vote though if mm good

Horalia Sanchez says:

he has been to the book of mafshf

Azen Pic says:

Dan your so so silly with your frend

Billy Copper says:

Join DanTDM team name team is TEAMTDM JOIN NOW!

Haydy Lagos says:

Do a video of Crag having a big chunk of chocolate .*

Tokyo Torch says:

Anyone else think there's a connection between Death Note and this video?

Lachlan Bull says:

Mischief is bad

TomsCraft Minecraft PS4 says:

Dan:Craig what you said
Dan:I don't understand you!

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