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Here are Scary Skype Horror Stories that are sure to chill you to the bone. Skype can be a useful program to connect you to friends and family around the world. But it can also [More]
These are three allegedly true field trip horror stories. All of these stories were emailed to me by subscribers. Thanks to: NaJay, Mark Roberts, & S. Danowski Twitter: If you want to send me [More]
My book list for the best horror books of 2017! Looking for some horror recommendations on booktube? I’ve got you covered! Every week in the month of December I shared my top picks from four [More]
We’ve been talking about horror movies for too many videos in a row! Time to talk books and today I have pulled an eclectic mix of fiction off my shelf that might help newbies ease [More]
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Books and stories are very common topics on all 3 parts of the IELTS Speaking exam. For more advice on how to increase your IELTS scores, visit In order to impress the examiner and [More]
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Or at least be happier whilst trying! This is Nathan’s guide to novel writing in 7 easy (ish!) steps. Nathan [More]
Top 10 YA Novels That NEED Movie Adaptations // Subscribe: We’ve love to see these YA novels adapted to film! Novels such as Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, Looking for Alaska by John [More]
★★★★★★★ 最新アルバム「PROTOCOL」が、自身最高位となるオリコン・ウィークリーチャート “19位” を獲得して注目を集める中、新体制となり初の海外公演(韓国ソウル)も大成功させるなど、さらに加速度を増す NOVELS。 5月20日(水)にレンタル限定アルバム「RENTAL BOOK」、 6月10日(水)には待望のニューアルバム「KICK BOOK」の連続リリースが決定!! NOVELS(ノベルズ)official site ★★★★★★★ Rental Album「RENTAL BOOK」 Rental Only/MFTNR-0001/2015.5.20 release 1. ナイト オブ ザ リヴィング ソング 2. ストレイシープの巡礼 3. ミュージカルチェア 4. 死神ダンス 5. 東京メランコリック ★★★★★★★ New [More]
Sometimes i hate the fact that i can’t put more than 10 shows on this list. Yeah… YEAH i could make it a top 35 but then people complain about the order or why even [More]
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