Roll4It Shadowrun 5.0 Tabletop – Part 1 – The Meet [Roll4It Shadowrun Stream]

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Roll4It tabletop gaming started this weekend with a Shadowrun Campaign featuring some of your favorite internet personalities. If you’d like to catch the stream live, check it out at 2PM PDT on Wednesdays at . You can also find backups of the vods at

Roll4it commenced this week including the following players :

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IkariMadness says:

Long time shadowrun player since first edition. Love to see online games like this. Just wish I had the work schedule with enough flexibility to play a set schedule. As it is i get to play once every two weeks.

Danyal Fryer says:

All I can say is that the production quality was great, gameplay fantastic and all around great roleplaying!

D- Man says:

I want to use that opening for my Shadowrun game.

OmegaDraconis99 says:

holy shitting fucky shit!

I started getting into shadowrun because of splat

I bought all the 5th edition books i could find

I watched a playlist where someone was explaining the basics

clicked on what I thought was the next video



ClockBasher says:

Dang it, I'll be 78 years old and missing all the fun by the time megacorporations take over the world :p

Justin Taylor - Deadguydave says:

totally expecting splat to play an orc, but totally get the "class spec" he chose

Froggy711 says:

For the record, when the Face says he's the best looking, if your runner handle is "Pug" you get no say. XD

Drew Bishop says:

What program are you guys using?

The Reaper Gang says:

looking for a 5th player? experienced GM and played 2nd & 4th edition, will join video sessions if possible, hit me up wereallweak99@gmail

JBdog Gamer B,N says:

wat programme or game are the using

Ken Stormwolf says:

Why the hell didn't I see this before? I love this dude! I want to jump in on stuff like this and Shadowrun as a whole! 🙂

Kevin D.K says:

anyone know of any actual plays, ie; youtube videos or podcasts of players actually playing the game in the recording,
where the players go full black trenchcoat , all the time and actually know what they are doing ,
thusly providing a lot of tactics for any prospective black trenchcoat players?

No Name says:

Where do you play?

Frank Robins, Jr. says:

So, Blowback thought he was Batman. Did everyone else get a mental image of Rocky the Flying Squirrel? Or, was that just me?

rockmaster27 says:

the intro looks like the worlds greatest sci-fi movie.

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