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Just 5 days to Halloween and yet our dear kindergarten friends ‘ the Schoolies’ just don’t seem to understand what Halloween is all about! In this scary nursery rhyme they’re scared out of the wits by the stories of the dark! Yes, a story which makes all the Halloween monsters, zombies and more come alive. They run from them to their preschool but we children know that there is no escape from such things on Halloween night!

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rose angelie callanta says:

Happy halloween BOO

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Bighoss21611 Tripp says:

It's Halloween night. Boo😱😱😱😱😱😱

Adela Ramovic says:

So cute music ❤️😍

Thu Nguyệt Vũ Thị says:

Hay đuueemm rrrrrroanh

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ртапкджъъ says:

HA HA HA ! BOO!!!!!

savetheplanet arm says:

I just wanna see the whole lyrics, please


The music is cool

BudsToon The kids Gallery says:

happy Halloween.

raybielle ryan mallare says:

N n. B

geraldy tertamulia says:


,.up. Sctedcvjjtvf gu. M,k.REQW

Natalia Godoy says:

si da miedo😮

Jacob Streng says:

I love Vampires

Patricia Maris says:


Star DG says:

Its for kids

CRAZY JOSHUA Cooky says:


eliza gunawan says:

Aku Vina anaknya Eliza tau gak sih aku selalu nonton ini bagusssss terimakasih untuk orang yang mengapload

Hanen Hamani says:


Nejat Abdulkadir says:

there not even scary

Marjorie Garcia says:


Marjorie Garcia says:


Venina Gonçalves Salvador says:

Hahhahjaajjjjsjshhahhwhhehehehehehheheejejueueeejeueeueeeuueeeeeeeeeeeeeweeeuueueieueueujehhshsswahahshjajajsjjjhssjjjjejji3iejcururu griter yi38u sbahhshsheueueeu3u4

Ryan dou says:

I want to read a Halloween book!Plus I love Halloween.

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